Attacking network protocols. James Forshaw

Категория: Hacking

James Forshaw is a renowned computer security researcher at Google Project Zero, with more than ten years of experience in analyzing and exploiting application network protocols.His skills range from cracking game consoles to exposing complex design issues in operating systems, especially Microsoft Windows, which earned him the top bug bounty of $100,000 and placed him as the #1 researcher on Microsoft Security Response Center’s (MSRC) published list.He’s the creator of the network protocol analysis tool, Canape, which was developed from his years of experience. He’s been invited to present his novel security research at global security conferences such as BlackHat, CanSecWest and Chaos Computer Congress.This book contains a mix of theoretical and practical chapters. For the practical chapters, I’ve developed and made available a networking library called Canape Core, which you can use to build your own tools for protocol analysis and exploitation.I’ve also provided an example networked application called SuperFunkyChat, which implements a user-to-userchat protocol.By following the discussions in the chapters, you can use the example application to learn the skills of protocol analysis and attack the sample network protocols.


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