Hacking how to make your own keylogger in c++ programming language. Alan T. Norman

Категория: Hacking

This book will teach you basics of C++ Programming and you will not need programming experience to read it. You will learn how to make your own Keylogger – a computer program that records every keystroke made by a computer user, especially in order to gain fraudulent access to passwords and other confidential information.All the materials are only for educational purpose because the best way to protect your computer from spying software is knowing how it works making by yourself.The best things about the book are the beautiful, short, code examples, and the fascinating way the language is presented. It’s not a book with a chapter on for-loops. It presents basic but fairly professional C++ right off the bat.This book will give you to fully understand C++ and its powerful use. It is specifically written for beginners who have little knowledge on writing codes and running programs. It also provides useful information regarding the installation of C++, preparing environment.This is perfect for any beginner wishing to learn C++ today. It will give you a great practise and a working software as a result.


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