Core Java SE 9 for the Impatient. 6 Ed. C. S. Horstmann

Категория: Java

 Java is now over twenty years old, and the classic book, Core Java, covers, in meticulous detail, not just the language but all core libraries and a multitude of changes between versions, spanning two volumes and well over 2,000 pages. However, if you just want to be productive with modern Java, there is a much faster, easier pathway for learning the language and core libraries. In this book, I don’t retrace history and don’t dwell on features of past versions. I show you the good parts of Java as it exists today, with Java 9, so you can put your knowledge to work quickly. As with my previous “Impatient” books, I quickly cut to the chase, showing you what you need to know to solve a programming problem without lecturing about the superiority of one paradigm over another. I also present the information in small chunks, organized so that you can quickly retrieve it when needed. Assuming you are proficient in some other programming language, such as C++, JavaScript, Objective C, PHP, or Ruby, with this book you will learn how to become a competent Java programmer. I cover all aspects of Java that a developer needs to know, including the powerful concepts of lambda expressions and streams. I tell you where to find out more about old-fashioned concepts that you might still see in legacy code, but I don’t dwell on them.


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