Java 16: Mobile phones and Android. Poul Klausen

Категория: Java

As the title says this series of books deals with software development, and the goal is toteach the reader how to develop applications in Java. It can be learned by reading aboutthe subject and by studying complete sample programs, but most importantly by yourselfto do it and write your own programs from scratch. Therefore, an important part of thebooks is exercises and problems, where the reader has to write programs that correspond tothe substance being treated in the books. All books in the series is built around the sameskeleton and will consist of text and examples and exercises and problems that are placedin the text where they naturally belongs. The difference between exercises and problems isthat the exercises largely deals with repetitions of the substance that is presented in the text,and furthermore it is relatively accurately described what to do. Problems are in turn moreloosely described, and are typically a little bigger and there is rarely any clear best solution.


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