Java By Comparison. S. Harrer, J. Lenhard, L. Dietz

Категория: Java

 Every developer has a number of requirements in mind that she considers prerequisites for good or clean code. As long as a piece of code doesn’t violate any of these requirements, it qualifies as good or clean from the viewpoint of the developer. Different people have different requirements. And programming languages differ, of course. But still, for a given language, there’s typically a set of “core” requirements and best practices. These are aspects that the community of developers recognizes and accepts, even if they aren’t written down explicitly. In this book, we’re trying to provide you—someone who might not yet be aware of many of the practices in the Java community—with a set of best practices for clean code in Java. As a beginner, your list of requirements for good Java code might be as short as this one:


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