A Programmer’s Guide to Java™ SCJP Certification. Khalid A. Mughal

Категория: Java

This book provides extensive coverage of the Java programming language and its core Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), with particular emphasis on its syntax and usage.The book is primarily intended for professionals who want to prepare for the SCJP 1.6 exam, but it is readily accessible to any programmer who wants to master the language. For both purposes, it provides in-depth coverage of essential features of the language and its core APIs.There is a great and increasing demand for certified Java programmers. Sun Microsystems has defined the SCJP 1.6 exam as one that professionals can take to validate their skills. The certification provides the IT industry with a standard to use for hiring such professionals, and allows the professionals to turn their Java skills into credentials that are important for career advancement.The book provides extensive coverage of all the objectives defined for the exam by Sun. But the exam objectives are selective and do not include many of the essential features of Java. This book covers many additional topics that every Java programmer should master in order to be proficient. In this regard, the book is a comprehensive primer for learning the Java programming language.After mastering the language by working through this book, the reader can confidently sit for the exam. This book is not a complete reference for Java, as it does not attempt to list every member of every class from the Java Development Kit (JDK) API documentation.The purpose is not to document the JDK APIs. This book does not teach programming techniques. The emphasis is on the Java programming language features, their syntax and correct usage through code examples. The book assumes little background in programming.We believe the exam is accessible to any programmer who works through the book. A Java programmer can easily skip over material that is well understood and concentrate on parts that need reinforcing, whereas a programmer new to Java will find the concepts explained from basic principles.Each topic is explained and discussed thoroughly with examples, and backed by review questions and exercises to reinforce the concepts. The book is not biased toward any particular platform, but provides platform-specific details where necessary.


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