Reactive Programming with RxJava. Tomasz Nurkiewicz and Ben Christensen

Категория: Java

Reactive Programming with RxJava targets intermediate and advanced Java programmers. You should be fairly comfortable with Java; however, prior knowledge of reactive programming is not required.Many concepts in this book relate to functional programming, but you do not need to be familiar with it either. There are two distinct groups of programmers that can benefit from this book:• Craftsmen who seek improved performance on the server or more maintainable code on mobile devices. If you fall into this category, you will find ideas and solutions to real problems as well as practical advice. In this case, RxJava is just another tool that this book will help to master.• Curious developers who’ve heard about reactive programming or RxJava in par‐ ticular and want to get a fair understanding of it. If this is you, and if you are not planning to take advantage of RxJava in production code, you will significantly broaden your horizons. Additionally, if you are a hands-on software architect, this book will likely help you.RxJava influences the overall architecture of entire systems, so it is worth knowing. But even if you are just beginning your adventure with programming, try to go through the first few chapters, which explain the basics. Underlying concepts like transformations and composition are quite universal and not related to reactive programming.


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