The Majesty Of Vue.js. A. Kyriakidis, K. Maniatis

Категория: JavaScript

 This book will guide you through the path of the rapidly spreading Javascript Framework called Vue.js!Some time ago, we started a new project based on Laravel and Vue.js. After thoroughly reading Vue.js guide and a few tutorials, we discovered a lack of resources about Vue.js around the web. During the development of our project, we gained a lot of experience, so we came up with the idea to write this book in order to share our acquired knowledge with the world.This book is written in an informal, intuitive, and easy-to-follow format, wherein all examples are appropriately detailed enough to provide adequate guidance to whoever.We’ll start from the very basics and through many examples we’ll cover the most significant features of Vue.js. By the end of this book you will be able to create fast front end applications and increase the performance of your existing projects with Vue.js integration.


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