Practical React Native. F. Zammetti

Категория: JavaScript

 In this book, you’ll learn React Native, by building real apps, not just simple, contrived examples (although there are a few of those early on, as concepts are introduced). As you go through the projects, you’ll see how to use various capabilities of React Native, including the user interface and application programming interfaces (APIs) it provides. By the end, you’ll have a good handle on what React Native offers, and you’ll be in a good position to go off and create the Next Big Thing app. I highly recommend grabbing the source code download bundle from the Apress web site for this book (or on GitHub—Apress maintains a repo there as well) and digging into it, building it, and playing with it, as you read through the book. This isn’t the olden days of computers (like when I was growing up!), when you had to type in all the code from a magazine (yes, I really did that!). Now, it’s all there, ready to be compiled and run, so you can spend your time learning, rather than typing. I hope you enjoy this book and learn a great deal from it. That’s definitely my intention! So, grab a snack, pull up a comfy chair, have your laptop at the ready, and get on in. Adventure awaits! (And, yes, I realize full well how corny that sounds.) 


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