Vue.js 2 Web Development Projects. G. Chau

Категория: JavaScript

 Relatively new as a UI library, Vue is a very serious challenger to current leading libraries such as Angular and React. It has a lot to offer--it is simple, flexible, and very fast, yet it still provides all the features necessary to build a full-blown modern web app. Its progressive nature makes it easy to get started with, and then you can use more advanced features to scale your app up. Vue also have a rich ecosystem surrounding it, including official first-party libraries for routing and state management, bootstrapping, and unit-testing. Vue even supports server-side rendering out of the box! All this is possible thanks to an amazing community and an awesome core team that drive innovation on the web and make Vue a sustainable open source project. To help you learn Vue and build apps with it, this book is structured as a series of six guides. Each guide is a concrete project, in which you will build a real application by yourself. This means you will have six Vue apps up and running by the end! Just like Vue, the projects are progressive and introduce new topics step by step to make your learning experience easier. The first projects don't require extensive configuration or build tools, so you can make concrete apps right away. Then, more advanced topics will be progressively added to the project so that you will have a complete skill set by the end of the book.


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