Beginning jQuery: From the Basics of jQuery to Writing your Own Plug-ins. Jack Franklin, Russ Ferguson

Категория: JavaScript

Jack Franklin is a Developer Evangelist at Pusher. He is a keen blogger, developer, and author. He first started creating web sites back in 2005 and has experience in a number of web languages including HTML, CSS, PHP, Ruby, Python, and others, although his main focus is JavaScript.He runs the popular online resource and has released a number of open source jQuery plug-ins online.Russ Ferguson is a freelance developer and instructor in the New York City area. His interest in computers goes back to Atari Basic, CompuServe, and BBS systems in the mid-1980s. For over 10 years, he has been fortunate to teach at Pratt Institute, where subjects have been as diverse as the student body.Working in New York has given him the opportunity to work with a diverse group of companies whose projects ranged from developing real-time chat/video applications for start-ups to developing and managing content management systems for established media and advertising agencies such as MTV and DC Comics.jQuery is a framework that’s built on top of JavaScript, not a language in its own right. It is possible to write jQuery with barely any knowledge of JavaScript, but it’s not something we would recommend.If you want to be able to confidently write jQuery plug-ins for your site, or alter plug-ins others have written, you need to be familiar with basic JavaScript. That is why this book starts with JavaScript that you need to know. This chapter covers.


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