Kotlin for Android Developers. A. Leiva (2017)

Категория: Kotlin

 This book is written to be useful to Android developers who are interested in learning Kotlin language.This book is for you if you are in some of the following situations:  • You have some basic knowledge about Android Development and the Android SDK, as well as Java language.  • You want to learn how to develop Android apps using Kotlin by following an example. • You need a guide on how to solve many of the common challenges Android developers find every day, by using a cleaner and more expressive language. On the other hand, this book may not be for you. This is what you won’t find in it:  • This is not a Kotlin Bible. I’ll explain all language basics, and even more complex ideas when they come out during the process, just when we need them. So you will learn by example and not the other way round.  • I will not explain how to develop an Android app. You won’t need a deep understanding of the platform, but at least some basics, such as some knowledge of Android Studio, Gradle, Java programming and Android SDK. You may even learn some new Android things in the process!  • This is not a guide to learn functional programming. Of course, I’ll explain what you need, as Java 6 is not functional at all, but I won’t dive deep into functional topics.


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