Linux Essentials for Cybersecurity. William Rothwell, Denise Kinsey

Категория: Linux

All You Need to Know to Secure Linux Systems, Networks, Applications, and Datain one BookFrom the basics to advanced techniques: no Linux security experience necessaryRealistic examples & step-by-step activities: practice hands-on without costly equipmentThe perfect introduction to Linux-based security for all students and IT professionalsLinux distributions are widely used to support mission-critical applications and manage crucial data. But safeguarding modern Linux systems is complex, and many Linux books have inadequate or outdated security coverage.Linux Essentials for Cybersecurity is your complete solution. Leading Linux certification and security experts William “Bo” Rothwell and Dr. Denise Kinsey introduce Linux with the primary goal of enforcing and troubleshooting security. Their practical approach will help you protect systems, even if one or more layers are penetrated.


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