Introducing Python. B. Lubanovic

Категория: Python

 This book will introduce you to the Python programming language. It’s aimed at be‐ ginning programmers, but even if you’ve written programs before and just want to add Python to your list of languages, Introducing Python will get you started. It’s an unhurried introduction, taking small steps from the basics to more involved and varied topics. I mix cookbook and tutorial styles to explain new terms and ideas, but not too many at once. Real Python code is included early and often Even though this is an introduction, I include some topics that might seem advanced, such as NoSQL databases and message-passing libraries. I chose these because they can solve some problems better than standard solutions. You’ll download and install exter‐ nal Python packages, which is good to know when the “batteries included” with Python don’t fit your application. And it’s fun to try something new. I also include some examples of what not to do, especially if you’ve programmed in other languages and try to adapt those styles to Python. And I won’t pretend that Python is perfect; I’ll show you what to avoid.


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