Math adventures with Python. Peter Farrell

Категория: Python

 This book is for anyone who’s learning math or who wants to use the most modern tools available to approach math topics like trigonometry and algebra. If you’re learning Python, you can use this book to apply your growing programming skills to nontrivial projects like cellular automata, genetic algorithms, and computational art. Teachers can use the projects in this book to challenge their students or to make math more approachable and relevant. What better way to teach matrices than to save a bunch of points to a matrix and use them to draw a 3D figure? When you know Python, you can do this and much more. This book begins with three chapters that cover basic Python concepts you’ll build on to explore more complicated math. The next nine chapters explore math concepts and problems that you can visualize and solve using Python and Processing. You can try the exercises peppered throughout the book to apply what you learned and challenge yourself.


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