Test-Driven Development with Python. 2ed. Harry J.W. Percival

Категория: Python

 I’ve tried to write this book with beginners in mind, but if you’re new to program‐ ming, I’m assuming that you’ve already learned the basics of Python. So if you haven’t already, do run through a Python beginner’s tutorial or get an introductory book like Dive Into Python or Learn Python the Hard Way, or, just for fun, Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python, all of which are excellent introductions. If you’re an experienced programmer but new to Python, you should get along just fine. Python is joyously simple to understand. I’m using Python 3 for this book. When I wrote the first edition in 2013–14, Python 3 had been around for several years, and the world was just about on the tipping point at which it was the preferred choice. You should be able to follow this book on Mac, Windows, or Linux. Detailed installation instructions for each OS follow.


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