Database Design for Mere Mortals. 3-ed. M. J. Hernande

Категория: SQL

 Writing is truly a cooperative effort, despite what you may have heard about it. I’m so grateful for the editors, colleagues, friends, and family who continue to be ready and willing to lend their help. These are the people who provided encouragement and kept me focused on the task at hand, and it is to them that I extend my most heartfelt appreciation. First and foremost, I want to thank my wonderful editor, Joan Murray, for the opportunity to write yet another edition of my book. We had been talking about this project for a couple of years, and it was her perseverance, patience, kindness, and leadership that helped me decide to take on this work and bring it to successful completion. I also want to thank production editor Caroline Senay for guiding the author review process with such a deft hand and copy editor Audrey Doyle for her precise and detailed review of the content. And a special thanks to John Fuller and his production staff—they did great work, as they always do! I’ve always had a wonderful relationship with the Addison-Wesley team, and I just can’t imagine why I’d ever want to write technical books for anyone else. Next, I’d like to acknowledge my distinguished technical review team: Tracy Thornton, Tony Wiggins, and Theodor Richardson. These folks graciously and generously gave their time, effort, and expertise to provide me with a wealth of valuable feedback and suggestions. This book definitely benefitted from their contributions. My thanks once again to each of you for your time and input and for helping to make this edition even better than I first envisioned.


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