PostGIS in Action. R. O. Obe, L. S. Hsu

Категория: SQL

Post GIS (pronounced post-jis) is a spatial database extender for the PostgreSQL open source relational database management system. It’s the most powerful open source spatial database engine. It adds to P ostgre SQL several spatial data types and over 300 functions for working with these spatial types. It does for P ostgre SQL what Oracle Spatial/Locator does for Oracle, what IBM DB2 /Information spatial DataBlades do for DB2 and Informix, and what geometry/geography types packaged in Microsoft SQL S erver 2008+ do for SQL S erver. P ost GIS supports many of the OGC/ISO SQL/ MM –compliant spatial functions you’ll find in these other OGC -compliant databases aswell as numerous additional ones that are unique to P ost GIS.


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