BlackBerry Development Fundamentals by John M. Wargo

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The BlackBerry smartphone is today’s #1 mobile platform for the enterprise and also a huge hit with consumers. Until now, it’s been difficult for programmers to find everything they need to begin developing new applications for BlackBerry devices. BlackBerry Development Fundamentals is the solution: the first single-source guide to all aspects of development for the BlackBerry platform. This book thoroughly reviews the BlackBerry’s unique capabilities and limitations, helps you optimize your upfront design choices, and covers native rich-client applications and Web-based mobile applications for both business and consumer environments. In addition, it is an excellent study guide for the BlackBerry Certified Application Developer exam (BCX-810). Coverage includes The “hows,” “whys,” and best practices of BlackBerry development Planning for and managing the BlackBerry platform’s restrictions Selecting the correct development platform for your BlackBerry applications Describing the different paths any application can take to get to the data it needs Explaining the capabilities provided by the BlackBerry Mobile Data System (MDS) Pushing application data to both enterprise and consumer BlackBerry devices using MDS, Web Signals, and the BlackBerry Push APIs Dealing with both the special capabilities and limitations of the BlackBerry browser Building, testing, and debugging BlackBerry browser applications Understanding the tools available to Java developers Using Research In Motion’s Java development tools to build, test, and debug BlackBerry Java applications Deploying BlackBerry Java applications


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