Beginning Programming For Dummies 2nd Edition by Wallace Wang

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Despite popular belief, anyone can learn to program a computer. Computer programming doesn't require a high IQ and an innate proficiency in advanced mathematics. All that's required is a desire to learn and the patience to never give up. If you've ever dreamed of writing your own programs, rest assured that you can. Programming can be a lot of fun, but it can also be frustrating, annoying, and time-consuming. And that's why you need Beginning Programming For Dummies, 2nd Edition – to help you discover how to program a computer with the minimum amount of inconvenience and the maximum amount of enjoyment. Now, enjoyment can go only so far. In fact, not many people program just for the fun of it; usually, they want to create a program to do something unique to their lives, or perhaps they'd like to make a little cash on the side by selling their programs as shareware. If you've always wondered how you could do what so many others have done, all you have to do is plug into Beginning Programming For Dummies, 2nd Edition, to find out how. Here's just a sample of the topics you'll find covered: Deciphering the mystery of the various programming languages Assembling and working with programming tools Getting inside a programming language: Liberty BASIC Programming basics: From variables, constants, and comments to strings, control statements, and loops Creating user interfaces for your programs Dealing with data structures Playing with object-oriented programming Debugging and optimizing your code Top Ten lists on the top programming careers and additional resources So no matter what operating system platform you use – whether it's Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Palm OS, or Pocket PC – Beginning Programming For Dummies, 2nd Edition, can walk you through the basics of programming and get you well on your way to becoming a programming wizard!


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