Deploying Rails Applications: A Step-by-Step Guide by Ezra Zygmuntowicz, Bruce Tate, Clinton Begin

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First you'll learn how to build out your shared, virtual, or dedicated host. Then, you'll see how to build your applications for production and deploy them with one step, every time. Deploying Rails Applications will take you from a simple shared host through a highly scalable clustered and balanced setup with Nginx. See how to tell whether you've bought enough firepower, and learn how to optimize your Rails projects applications in a systemic, rational way. Take advantage of advanced caching techniques, and become and expert with the latest servers in Nginx and Mongrel. Don't worry. You'll get a dose of Apache too. Not only will you learn how to configure your production environment, you'll also see how to monitor it with free, automated tools that can restart your servers when the memory use gets too high for comfort. You'll see how to take a performance baseline, profile for bottlenecks, and solve the most common performance problems you're likely to see. You'll learn: Everything from source control and migrations to Capistrano, rake tasks and beyond. Directly from authors who run EngineYard, one of the best Rails hosts in the business. How to deploy your applications to multiple production servers with a single command using Capistrano. How to setup a Rails/Nginx/Mongrel cluster for applications with high scalabilty needs. ...and more!


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