Introduction to Programming Using Python by Y. Daniel Liang

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Best-selling author Daniel Liang takes a fundamentals-first, problem-driven approach to teaching problem solving and programming in Introduction to Programming Using Python. KEY TOPICS: Liang introduces fundamentals first: basic programming concepts and techniques on selections, loops, and functions, before writing custom classes. His problem-driven approach focuses on problem solving rather than syntax. To support this approach, a variety of problems at various levels of difficulty are provided in every chapter. In order to appeal to readers of all backgrounds, the problems cover many application areas in math, science, business, finance, gaming, animation, and multimedia. The book offers a GUI tract using the Turtle and Tkinter packages available in Python 3. Turtle is good for introducing programming to beginners and Tkinter is for developing comprehensive GUI projects. GUI Examples are offered early in every chapter and a special set of GUI exercises appears at the end of every chapter.


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