ARM Assembly Language Programming - Pete Cockerell

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This book was published by the 'publishing arm' of Computer Concepts (now Xara) around 1988 or so. Acorn was selling the ARM2 (?) development workstations and had just launched the A300 Archimedes computer. My copy was handed to me when I joined Computer Concepts. Incorporating an assembler was par for the course for Acorn, and much of Computer Concepts software was written as assembly code wrapped by a two-pass BASIC for-loop. The book is a slim book, and covers the ARM3 instruction set including the load/store instructions, arithmetic, barrel shifter. It's a decent read and covers the material adequately, but as always, it probably better to actually learn mainly by getting your hands dirty and writing some code. Note that there is no thumb coverage, since this was not introduced to the ARM until much later. This book is more of a historical artifact now, being almost 20 years old, but still of interest.


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