Windows Administration Resource Kit: Productivity Solutions for IT Professionals by Dan Holme

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Get the comprehensive, essential resource for improving Windows administrator productivity. This book delivers solutions to the common issues Windows administrators face every day. Unlike other administrator resources available that cover features and functionality of Windows Server and the Windows client operating system, this unique guide provides the tools that help you do more with less and make the most of your time. Based on a popular talk that author Dan Holme gives at conferences throughout the world, this book walks you through the process of selecting your tools, configuring your work environment, and incorporating scripts and third-party utilities into your administrative toolkit. You’ll even learn how to customize and automate solutions to meet the needs of your unique Windows-based environment. Covering Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows XP, and Windows Vista, this book helps you manage your environment from end to end. The companion CD includes a fully searchable eBook, tools, and other essential job resources.


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