C# 7.1 and .NET Core 2.0: Modern Cross-Platform Development (2018). M. Price

Категория: C#

 There are C# books that are thousands of pages long that aim to be comprehensive references to the C# programming language and the .NET Framework. This book is different. It is concise and aims to be a fast-paced read that is packed with hands-on walkthroughs. I wrote this book to be the best step-by-step guide to learning modern cross-platform C# proven practices using .NET Core.I will point out the cool corners and gotchas of C#, so you can impress colleagues and employers and get productive fast. Rather than slowing down and boring some readers by explaining every little thing, I will assume that if a term I use is new to you, then you will know how to Google an answer.At the end of each chapter is a section titled Practice and explore, in which you will complete hands-on practical exercises and explore topics deeper on your own with a little nudge in the right direction from me.


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