Data Capture and Extraction with C# Succinctly. Ed Freitas,Daniel Jebaraj

Категория: C#

The world around us is filled with information. Valuable data is locked in silos such as emails, screenshots and the web. Capturing and extracting that information in order to process it, make sense of it, and use it to help us make better and informed decisions should be fun and stimulating.This book will provide an overview on capturing and extracting data from various sources in an easy and comprehensible way, using open source technologies available to anyone.However, these technologies are not replacements for, nor intended to compete with, specialized commercial tools that provide a much broader range of possibilities and are case specific and fined-tuned for particular scenarios. You will also gain an understanding of the methods, techniques, and libraries used in data extraction, which can lead to valuable insights and help you become a better manager, operate your business more effectively, and create a competitive advantage in the business world. For readers with knowledge of C#, this book will offer exciting glimpses into what is technically possible without in-depth analyses of each topic.The techniques presented here, along with the clear, concise, and easy-to-follow examples provided, will provide a good head start on understanding what is feasible with data capture and extraction in C#. Have fun!


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