C++ Primer Plus Sixth Edition. Stephen Prata

Категория: C / C++

Learning C++ is an adventure of discovery, particularly because the language accommodates several programming paradigms, including object-oriented programming, generic programming, and the traditional procedural programming.The fifth edition of this book described the language as set forth in the ISO C++ standards, informally known as C++99 and C++03, or, sometimes as C++99/03. (The 2003 version was largely a technical correction to the 1999 standard and didn’t add any new features.) Since then, C++ continues to evolve.As this book is written, the international C++ Standards Committee has just approved a new version of the standard.This standard had the informal name of C++0x while in development, and now it will be known as C++11.Most contemporary compilers support C++99/03 quite well, and most of the examples in this book comply with that standard. But many features of the new standard already have appeared in some implementations, and this edition of C++ Primer Plus explores these new features.C++ Primer Plus discusses the basic C language and presents C++ features, making this book self-contained. It presents C++ fundamentals and illustrates them with short, to-the-point programs that are easy to copy and experiment with.You learn about input/output (I/O), how to make programs perform repetitive tasks and make choices, the many ways to handle data, and how to use functions.


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