Extreme Programming Explored by William C. Wake

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You know what XP is, how to get it up and running, and how to plan projects using it. Now its time to expand your use of Extreme Programming and learn the best practices of this popular discipline. In Extreme Programming Explored, you can read about best practices as learned from the concrete experience of successful XP developers. Author and programmer Bill Wake provides answers to practical questions about XP implementation. Using hands-on examples--including code samples written in the Java programming language--this book demonstrates the day-to-day mechanics of working on an XP team and shows well-defined methods for carrying out a successful XP project. The book is divided into three parts: *Part 1, Programming--programming incrementally, test-first, and refactoring. *Part 2, Team Practices--code ownership, integration, overtime, and pair programming; how XP approaches system architecture; and how a system metaphor shapes a common vision, a shared vocabulary, and the architecture. *Part 3, Processes--how to write stories to plan a release; how to plan iterations; and the activities in a typical day for the customer, the programmer, and the manager of an XP project.


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