The Essence of Object-Oriented Programming with Java and UML by Bruce E. Wampler Ph.D.

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This book can give any Java developer -- regardless of experience -- the firm foundation they need to achieve the full benefits of object-oriented programming. The book combines practical introductions to UML, object-oriented methodologies, design patterns, libraries, and frameworks -- giving developers all the skills they need to begin writing robust object-oriented programs -- and to tackle the entire field of object-oriented development.KEY TOPICS: Leading developer Bruce Wampler begins with a brief introduction to objects and their benefits; then introduces the fundamental concepts of object orientation and shows how they can be implemented in Java -- starting with the basics, and moving on to advanced topics such as object lifetime and copies of objects. He moves on to Object-Oriented Analysis and Design, introducing the essential concepts at the heart of every methodology. The book introduces object-oriented techniques for building effective graphical user interfaces with the Java Swing library. Next, it presents the essence of today's leading techniques for building effective object-oriented Java systems -- including design patterns, refactoring, and more. Wampler concludes by drawing on his decades of development experience to share powerful personal guidelines for creating more effective software.MARKET: For all application developers who know at least the basics of Java, and are seeking to strengthen their object-oriented programming skills.


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